How can I transfer my content to GitHub?

If you started writing your book on GitBook and you now want to host its source on GitHub, don't worry, it's easy. To do so, you can either use the GitHub import tool, or operate from the command line.

Using the GitHub Import Tool

  1. Use the Import Tool from GitHub:
  2. Enter your GitBook git url, for example: (this url can be found in your book settings).
  3. Enter a name for your GitHub repository.
  4. Enter your GitBook credentials (you can use your API token instead of your password) when prompted.
  5. Done!

Using the command line

This operation will overwrite the content of the GitHub repository.

After creating a repository on GitHub:

# Clone your GitBook repository (you'll need to enter your username and password)
$ git clone ./mybook

# Enter the cloned book
cd ./mybook

# Push it to Github
$ git push master --force

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